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Interpretes.es screenshot
Interpretes.es screenshot

I received an e-mail the other day introducing me to a new platform (read: database) for interpreters. It's called Interpretes.es, and that's also its URL on the web. Interestingly, that e-mail was in German, while the website, as far as I can tell, is currently only available in Spanish. Incidentally, the search function (which comes in a basic and an advanced flavour) offers all the Spanish provinces and then a list of countries. The company behind the project is Intelligenia, a tech company based in Granada, Spain. Judging by the front page, the project is supported by the Andalucía region and the European Fund for Regional Development.

Interpretes.es is also open to translators. If you're a freelancer, you can sign up for one or both domains and set up a profile so that potential clients can find you. The idea is not to act as an agency or intermediary but as a tool for matching supply and demand. If you want additional features for your profile (like a photo or a vanity URL), you can sign up for a Plus plan for 36 €/year.

All in all, this looks quite good. Interpreter.es has a wider approach than the member databases maintained by professional associations such as AIIC and strikes me as cleaner and simpler than big platforms such as ProZ. What do you think about it?

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