[Link] An interview with Holly Behl


Instead of a long post, today, I only want to share a short excerpt from an interview I came across via Twitter the other day. It features Holly Behl, a Dallas-based interpreter with a high interest in new technologies, especially tablets. I highly recommend you read her posts about a paperless interpreter experiment: part 1 | part 2.

Q: Simultaneous interpreters are already using new technologies in the booth, it is quite common to see interpreters working with laptops, netbooks and tablets, using apps and bringing their own headphones. But I know you love to use technology also in consecutive, can you tell us a little bit of how you profit from the new opportunities mobile technology is offering interpreters today?

A: Yes, I keep trying to start the green revolution in digital note-taking. There are several legal settings where I do consecutive, and after a year or so of buying bulk packs of legal pads for my notes, I got curious for a better solution. The iPad is great for a lot of things, but the Galaxy S Note is the only tablet I’ve found with native stylus integration and the ability to capture handwritten notes with the precision and reliability required for consecutive note-taking. This solution has worked so well that I often find myself without pens—they’re just not part of my work kit anymore. Instead, I have my reference material, pen, notepad, to-do list, and leisure reading all wrapped up in one slender piece of equipment.

You can read the full interview here.

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