[Link] Is the future of interpreting remote?

I invited the people behind four different platforms — Babelverse, Capiche, Vicki, and ZipDX — to come to our virtual classroom. They described how they provide interpreting services using the web or other distance solutions. [... W]hether you like it or not, remote interpreting is already here. And if interpreters turn a blind eye, they’re simply allowing someone else to get into the driver’s seat. So I had my Year One students listen to what each of the developers had to say about their platforms, and then I asked them for their analysis, to see what they thought were the advantages and disadvantages of remote interpreting. That’s where things got lively.

An extremely interesting post by Andrew Clifford at Glendon. His students clearly identified the risks of remote, but also thought about how to approach the challenges: band together, engage with other stakeholders, get savvy.

A day in the life of a tablet interpreter

iPad interpreter