August 2018 in retrospect (Romania edition)

  A meeting room in the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest  

A meeting room in the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest 

After two weeks of vacation at the Baltic Sea, getting back to work, for me, meant getting on a plane to Romania. The country, which holds a special place in my heart, currently prepares to take over the rotating Presidency of the European Union from Austria, starting in January 2018. As interpreters working from Romanian, we want to be ready for that, and so a bunch of us gathered in Bucharest for a one-week “refresher course” organised by our Romanian colleagues in DG Interpretation.

The program included talks about EU topics (or “dossiers”, as they’re called in the jargon) in agriculture, home affairs, justice and finance, including the humongous multi-annual EU budget. But we also went on guided tours - through the beautiful buildings of the Romanian National Bank and the insanely huge “Palace of the Parliament”. (The palace has a fascinating and cruel history you’ll want to read something about.) Lastly, we also managed to take in some culture by attending a concert in the stunning Romanian Athenaeum and a play at the National Theatre.

To wrap off, here’s a song I’ve long loved, from Romanian band Vama Veche:

Stop interp‘laining me!