Android App: Memento for terminology

Memento is a terminology tool I have been recommending to Android tablet users for a while now, so it's time for a little write-up. First and foremost, Memento is a general-purpose database app for Android devices that you can use to catalog and manage various types of information, like books in a library or wines in a cellar. Creating a new library is very easy - use one of the existing templates or just start from scratch. When creating a glossary, you can not only use text and other fields (maybe a rating to indicate the reliability of your term), but also add images - although, according to some reviews on the Play Store, this feature is a bit wonky.

Libraries in Memento can be synchronised with your Google account. That's not only a great way to backup your data, but also allows for sharing terminology online with colleagues. (In Google, your glossaries are stored as spreadsheets. If you want to know more about collaborating on these with others, read Leonie Wagener's article on the AIIC website.) Another way of getting your lists online is to register for a Memento account. This lets you store your libraries on Memento servers where others can subscribe to them.

On top of that, each entry can be "starred" to create a list of favourites, which comes in handy for building a list of terms that are particularly important or hard to memorize. And for direct access to your glossaries, just place a shortcut (direct link) on the Android home screen.

What does Memento cost? The app itself is free, but offers an in-app upgrade that gets rid of ads and removes limits on synchronization with Google and the number of encrypted libraries you can have. For more information, take a peek at the user manual.

Download the app on the Google Play Store

Download the app on the Google Play Store

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