My November: Galway, Translating Europe Forum, And A Live Podcast


Some of my favourite things in the past month were: 

  • A trip to the National University of Ireland in Galway. They have an excellent conference interpreting course, headed by my friend and colleague Susan Folan, and it’s the only one that trains interpreters for Irish. My employer provides training support for partner universities - and Galway is one of them. I always enjoy working with future colleagues: Talking to them challenges how I think about and approach my work. And I always look forward to meeting them in the booth one day (yes, that happens).
  • Two days at the 2018 Translating Europe Forum. This took place in a Commission meeting room, so it was fun to switch the seat in the booth with a seat in the room! TEF is the big annual conference organised by my colleagues at DG Translation, and it magically brings together practitioners, researchers, agencies and other people in the industry.
  • A weekend in London. My pals Alexander and Jonathan and yours truly did the first ever live taping of the Troublesome Terps podcast. Learn more (and, soon, listen and watch) over on the podcast website.
October 2018 in retrospect

October 2018 in retrospect