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A troublesome discussion of remote interpreting

Jonathan and the two Alexanders are joined by tech-savvy interpreter Barry Olsen to take a deep dive into remote interpreting. What is it, what is it not? How will it change our work? Listen in to learn more about the pros and cons and - most importantly - about how we as interpreters can shape the developments that are happening now.

Calling Google a controversial company is not an exaggeration. While the planned shutdown of Google Reader infuriates information junkies (like me), another project causes heated debate: Google Glass. This is a pair of "smart glasses" that can display information such as directions or incoming messages in the peripheral field of vision. It will also let the user take photos, record video and start video chats with others. Since this is a Google product, you can obviously search the web, too, just by using your voice. Oh, and it may even let you play Angry Birds at some point.