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Signs of the times I: The story of the BSL (Scotland) Bill

This episode is part of a mini-series on sign language interpreting, a topic I have become increasingly fascinated by in recent years. In the same time, sign language interpreting has moved more into public awareness, including within our profession. AIIC, the international association of conference interpreters, now has members working with sign language. The European Parliament has become involved, as you heard in episode 28 of LangFM, about the EUsigns conference. And more and more countries are upgrading the status of their national sign languages.

Knowledge people, language people - with Jochen Hummel (updated with transcript!)

Meet Jochen Hummel, one of the founders of Trados. Even if you're not familiar with his name, you have almost certainly heard of the piece of software that he helped create and that many translators rely upon each and every day to get their work done. Jochen and I talk about how Trados came to be, what he's been up to since selling Trados to SDL and what the future holds for language technology. Take a listen! 

It's all about voice, with Rebecca Gausnell

A conversation with accent and dialect coach Rebecca Gausnell about voice, language, her work in film and TV, and much more. Rebecca was born in the States and moved to London a while ago. When we recorded this episodes, she was about to wrap up work on "Berlin Station", a TV production with Richard Armitage. Tune in as we talk about all things voice and accent and how Rebecca came to where she is today.

Tess Whitty

My guest on episode 22 of LangFM is Tess Whitty, a translator, fellow language podcaster - and a fellow European, who now lives in Utah. We talk about how Tess got there, about marketing and podcasting and many other interesting things.

Sketchnoting, with Linda Saukko-Rauta

Linda Saukko-Rauta is a language-teacher turned sketchnoter based in Jyväskylä, Finland. Listen in as we talk about how doodling in work meetings propelled her into a successful freelance career as a sketchnoter. What is sketchnoting, you ask? Linda will tell you more about it in this latest instalment of the LangFM podcast.

Dan Kenig and Intragloss

Listen in as I talk to Dan Shalit Kenig, an EU-accredited conference interpreter based in Tel Aviv with a very interesting biography. And a knack for technology: Together with a programmer, he has developed Intragloss, a glossary application focussed on making your preparation dead-easy

Introducing Glossary Assistant

In this episode, I talk to developer Reg Martin, the person behind Glossary Assistant for Android. Glossary Assistant is an app that Reg created for his wife, who works as a conference interpreter. If you want to get started using it, tune in and bring your tablet.