Thank you for agreeing to be on my podcast! I am really looking forward to our conversation.

What we'll talk about

It really depends, actually. I will send you an email at the latest one day in advance with topics and, maybe, questions, I would like to cover in our episode. Usually, I am interested in your background, where you're from, and how you got into languages and, specifically, into interpreting. Were languages always present in your family, maybe? Was there a teacher who put you on the right track? That kind of thing.

After that, we'll talk in detail about a specific topic. Check out the earlier podcast episodes to hear what that sounds like:

How do we record?

I have a bit of a process here. The point is not to make you jump through hoops, but rather to get the most out of our conversation in terms of audio quality and to make it worth our time. There's nothing worse than having to repeat a podcast because of audio issues, right?

Our tool for the conversation and the recording is Zencastr. It's a very simple web tool: I send you the link, you open it (works with Chrome and Firefox) and we start the podcast. When we're done, Zencastr sends the recordings to me and I can start editing. Simple!

A few recording tips:

  • Before the interview, try to close doors and windows to avoid background noise.
  • Please use the best microphone or headset you have available. I'm not asking you to go out and buy one, don't worry. Even if it's just your smartphone headset, that's still better than using the built-in computer microphone because that will capture a lot of background noise and reverb from the room you're in.
  • The interview is not broadcast live. We can always take a break and cut or edit bits afterwards. No pressure!

What happens after the recording?

I will edit the podcast - usually not for content, just for bits and bobs that make it more pleasant to listen to; and I add intro and outro music. I also write a little article to go with the audio that contains information about youand our conversation plus interesting links about to you and to things we talk about. Feel free to suggest links and other content. I would also really appreciate if you could send me a nice photo of you that I can use for the blog post.

Don't hesitate to contact me if anything is unclear. I really appreciate you taking the time!