Tablet Interpreter manual

The manual is currently not available. It's in dire need of updating, but I don't have the time necessary to do that. Stay tuned for updates.

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USB drives and tablets? Solved!

Recently, I was contacted by a student interpreter from Munich, Sebastiano Gigliobianco. He, too, is an enthusiastic tablet interpreter, and I am happy to say he has cracked the USB-drive-and-tablet issue. I publish his text here, slightly edited, in the hope that you find it just as informative and useful as I did.

iPad App Profile: Readdle Documents

Readdle's Documents is my go-to app for meeting preparation - find out why in this post. 

SCICtrain: training videos for budding interpreters

This week, the SCIC Universities Conference took place once again here in Brussels. Not only was it the 20th anniversary of this prestigious gathering of interpreting schools from around the world, it also marked the launch of SCICtrain 3. SCICtrain provides a wealth of videos an just about any aspect of interpreting.

A digest of this week in tablet interpreting

So you finally decided to take your old glossaries and bring them into the 21st century. But you don't know where to start? Here are a few ideas on how to proceed. 

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